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Tiki Online is an online blog and store which lets you tap into the mysterious universe of the Maori culture. Therefore we offer a variety of fun articles on our blog that will keep you entertained for hours. Also you can find articles on Tiki culture, Tiki mythology and Tiki art.

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Our main goals are providing fun and entertainment for all our visitors. Therefore, our blog will unleash the Tiki in you, the creative person that’s hiding deep inside you.  Also our store comes, this is the place where you can use your imagination and creativity to design the ultimate Tiki house you have always dreamed of. Also don’t forget to like our Facebook fan page from which you can get early access to our discounts, see our latest offers and promos.

Company Recognition:

We have signed official reseller deals with many premium amazon suppliers that produce all sorts of Tiki Bar,Tiki art and decor. 

Our blog is being ran by Tiki enthusiasts, including the help of skilled freelance writers from around world. Every article is unique and fun in addition they are all double checked and correct.

Finally, we would really appreciate your support for our recently started page, if you want to give us your feedback, opinion or how could we improve our site, please go ahead and CONTACT US !

Thank you for being part of our Tiki Online family.