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Why You Need a Tiki Bar for Your Next Party !

Raising the bar at your next Tiki party can be as easy as including an authentic Tiki Bar set! No one can look at a Tiki Bar and not immediately think of tropical fun in the sun, warm beaches and cool island breezes. The addition of these little libation dispensing grass huts to your next […]

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Brief History of Polynesian Tiki Statues

Beautiful, mysterious, frightening and alluring; since the first European laid eyes on a Tiki statue they have become a recognized symbol of Polynesian culture around the world. Original Tiki Statues found throughout the Pacific dates back thousands of years. Tiki Statues were hand-carved over a period of days or even weeks depending on size and […]

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How to Build Your Own Tiki Bar

Step-by-Step Guide to Build an Exotic Tiki Bar On Your Own and Save up to 70% Don’t wait till summer to have the Pacific Island experience,beautify your garden with a Tiki Bar. Bring fun and excitement to your backyard today! Tiki Bars are fine piece of furniture which you can control it’s look to your […]

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tiki torches

The Origin of the Tiki Torches

The longstanding fascination with all things South Pacific first started way back in history, when English explorer Captain James Cook first made contact with islanders in the South Seas starting in 1769. Since that time a wave of Tiki themed restaurants, bars, gambling casinos and resorts around the world have come to depend of the […]

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What You Should Know Before Choosing a Tiki Mask

  When faced with the decision of how to decorate your living spaces, you might want to consider adding a touch of Polynesian culture to your home or office. With a long,rich and fascinating history, Tiki Masks are a creative way to bring a sense of tropical beauty to your home or office.   For […]

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What is Tiki ?

  Some people who have heard a little bit about Tiki pop culture, but never experienced it, may not really understand the full impact this popular party theme has had on recent American Pop Culture. They may not know that Tiki statues carry great deep religious significance. They might not be aware that while one […]

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