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Entrance Mat | Europe’s # 1 Front Door Mat for Home and Business | Multiple Colors and Sizes


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casa pura® High Quality Entrance Floor Mats – Offering a fresh and colorful solution for home and commercial floors.

Designed for the purpose of keeping floors clean, this range of premium front door mats not only offers the most advanced dirt trapping capabilities, but also a colorful solution for your home or industrial entry. The ultra-absorbent polyamide pile consists of fibers; specially designed to absorb high amounts of moisture. In total they can trap up to 7 lb of dirt and wet, making them the No.1 option for busy home environments. Premium range entry rugs from casa pura® are easy to maintain and require nothing more than a quick hoover to remove dust and debris. They are also washable at 40°C / 104°F allowing you to keep them looking just like new.

All floor mats are designed to be UV-resistant, ensuring a long lasting visual appearance, thus can be used indoors or outdoors. These doormats are also equipped with an anti-skid rubber backing which keeps them firmly in place while in use in all weather.

Product Details:

  • Highly-absorbent pile
  • Suited both as indoor or outdoor rug
  • Ideal for commercial entryways
  • ca. 10 oz./1 ft² total weight
  • Edging: 1″ – Pile depth: 0.4″
  • UV resistant – ensuring long-lasting color
  • Washable at 40°C / 104°F
  • Non-slip backing

Providing a durable visual appearance, the range of colors offered with these high quality doormats make them the ideal choice for garages, hallways, foyers – both commercial and personal use.

Available in a range of sizes and colors, there is something to suit every doorway. Simply choose your required size or color from the selection menu at the top of the page.

MULTI-PURPOSE: High performance entrance mat – universal dirt trapper for home and any commercial entryway
DURABLE: Ultra-absorbent and long-lasting front door mat, ca. 10 oz./1 ft² total weight – keeping floors safe and clean
VERSATILE: Entryway rug suitable for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for home and industrial entrances, hallways, laundry rooms, garages and kitchens
LOW MAINTENANCE: Reliable entry way floor mat, easy to clean and maintain – machine washable (no spin cycle) at 40°C / 104°F
SAFE: Non-slip anti-skid rubber back and edging keeps the door mat firmly in place and prevents trip hazards


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