Magic Things Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet with Citronella, 6 Pack with 3 Colors (2 Red, 2 Green and 2 Blue)

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Keep Bugs Away! Best natural mosquito repellent
Pack of 6 Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – Fits comfortably on your wrist, ankle, belt or stroller with baby and are proven to protect you’re from annoying mosquitoes and flying insects.

Mosquito Bracelets are Perfect for traveling, gardening, BBQ, hiking, fishing, country house and other outdoor activities.
Simply put the soft comfortable bracelet on and keep the annoying mosquitoes away.

How does mosquito repellent work?
– You put it on and forget about mosquitoes, no matter where you are, such as on a fishing trip, being in the woods, taking part in outdoor activities, or simply taking a walk.
– You may not realize that it is working until you notice that there are no mosquitoes around.

Do you want to order insect repellent?

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Here is few things Why it’s OK:
1. Mosquito Bracelets Are Safe for all Family members &Deet-Free. 100% Natural & Eco-Friendly
2. One size fits all – It has 5 buttons start from 7.09 to 9.84 inches. Full length – 10.43 inches. Also, it is easy to cut for making adjustments.
3. High quality & Efficiency – we give you Warranty for 60 days.
4. 1 bracelet gives up to 240 hours or 10 days of full protection. 1 pack gives up to 1440 hours of total protection.

One of the big advantages of our insect repellent bands is that you no longer have to spray yourself or your children to protect against those annoying mosquito bites.
Get Protection From Mosquitoes Now. Bracelet from mosquitoes with 1 click.

These mosquito bracelets are Deet-Free and are made of natural substances such as citronella and are proven to offer a great, good looking and natural protection

We are Confident in our product – The warranty from the manufacturer – 60 days.

✅HIGHEST QUALITY microfiber material used for manufacturing Mosquito Repellent Bracelets in the market. Don’t settle for other insect repellent bands that use cheap thin felt material which do not hold the repellent scent for long. Comfortable waterproof microfiber and FRESH, NATURAL SCENT
✅240 HOURS – LONG-LASTING – MOSQUITO PROTECTION with 1 anti-mosquito bracelet. OUTDOOR INSECTS REPELLENT – you will no longer be a mosquito magnet. Buy with confidence.
✅100 % NATURAL & ECO-FRIENDLY. Made of natural substances such as citronella and proven to offer a great and natural mosquito protection.
✅STYLISH AND FASHIONABLE – modern colors and contemporary design make it a fashionable accessory. Ideal for both men & women, great for kids and adults!
✅ADJUSTABLE TO ALL SIZES – The Mosquito Bracelets can be adjusted to fit Children and Adults. 6 Anti Mosquito Bracelets Per Pack – Family Pack with different colors: 2 red, 2 green, 2 blue. Each mosquito repellent bracelet has individual packing.



















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