Magnificent Moscow Mule Copper Mugs: Make Any Drink Taste Much Better! 100% Pure Copper Set Including 2 Cups, 2 Straws, Recipe Book, Cleaning Instructions & Cleaning Cloth. For Cold Drinks & Cocktails

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Copper. It’s unstoppable. And we’re not just talking chemical elements here: we’re talking the rich robust color, the malleable nature of the substance, and of course the Moscow mule, a

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Copper. It’s unstoppable. And we’re not just talking chemical elements here: we’re talking the rich robust color, the malleable nature of the substance, and of course the Moscow mule, a cocktail first invented in 1941 in a bar in Manhattan which simply would not be the same if it were not served in a copper mug.

Picture the scenario: three seasoned drinkers in the Chatham Hotel in Manhattan, New York in 1941. One night, in the spirit of creativity, they decided to mix their vodka with ginger beer and a dash of lemon. The results are legendary. Just like that. And maybe this type of experiment happens all the time in bars across the universe, but in this case, one of these guys was John “Jack” Morgan, he of the Cock and Bull Restaurant fame, and the rest is cocktail history.

Skip several decades and in 2007 the drink was reinvented by a young bartender working for Morgan. Wes Price was cleaning out so-called ‘dead stock’ and put together a concoction not very different from Morgan’s original recipe that ignited the bar and is still bringing in the fans, ten years later.

The trick with the Moscow Mule is it must be drunk out of a copper vessel. Why? For one thing, it keeps the drink deliciously cool. For another, there’s an idiosyncratic elegance to it all. And for a third, it does something rather magical to the flavor. Are you a teetotaller? No problem, there’s a fantastic non-alcoholic recipe in the Goodygoods Moscow Mule set, which will lend you a taste of the original mule without the fire.

If you’re buying the Goodygoods Moscow Mule set as a gift for a loved one, yourself included, this purchase becomes an event of note with the elegant box in which it is packaged. Together with a recipe book and cleaning instructions, as well as a soft cotton cloth to keep your mugs in pristine condition, this is a set of copper mugs built for life. Don’t wait and grab one NOW, while supply lasts. Cheers!
ENJOY EVERY DRINK COLD AND FRESH, AND IN THE CLASSIEST WAY POSSIBLE: These Moscow Mule Cups by Goodygoods are the real thing. The pure copper, the characteristic rounded shape of the mug and the tradition which reaches back to 1941 in a bar in Manhattan, all come together in clearly the most perfect vessel for an extraordinary drink. The copper keeps it cold, the tradition keeps it magnificent
EVERY SIP COUNTS – COMPLETE THE PERFECT DRINKING EXPERIENCE WITH OUR BONUS UNIQUE BENT STRAWS: The edge offered in the copper straws that come with Goodygoods Copper Cups is in the design, which has been rethought. If you think that straws don’t make that much of a difference, you’re going to be surprised. With its unique ergonomic design, it will add that extra touch of sophistication to your drink as well as make it that much easier to drink
HANDLING YOUR DRINK SHOULDN’T BE CHALLENGE: A known struggle with the Moscow Mule copper mug is its handle. If it’s riveted it may wear and cause your mug to leak over time. Goodygoods Moscow Mule Copper Mugs feature handles which are securely welded to the body of the mug and are built to handle any situation
PERFECT STABILITY IS THE BOTTOM LINE – NEVER SPILL YOUR DRINK AGAIN! A classically made copper mug is hammered in a particular way, which lends it its distinct texture and overall quality. But when this hammering is applied to the bottom of the mug it can result in a mug that is wobbly in its bearings. Goodygoods mugs feature an indented base which ensures its stability at all times
LIFETIME GUARANTEE AND OUTSTANDING BONUSES: This extraordinary set includes 2 cups, 2 straws, cocktails recipe book, cleaning Instructions and a special cotton cleaning cloth in a prestigious box, ideal as a gift! If for any reason you change your mind about Goodygoods Moscow Mule Copper Mugs and decide that you don’t want them any longer for whatever reason, there is a 100% lifetime guarantee on them and we will refund you the full price. No questions asked


















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