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[Set of 3] Citronella Outdoor Candles with Mosquito Repellent and Large Flame for Camping, Patio, Outdoor Events, Restaurants, Fishing by Melt Candle Company 10 Oz Burner in a Tin

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Set of 3 Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Candles for Patios.

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Set of 3 Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Candles for Patios.

Repel. Lighten. Heat.

Our outdoor candles are made with special citronella oil that repels mosquitos and other flying insects. Candles come in a tin with a lid that makes candles burn longer and also prevents it from spilling if knocked over.

Special chunky wick keeps the candle burning through wind and rain. The flame is about 4 inches high, so this candle is very bright and can keep your outside events lightened. This candle is perfect for patios, gardens, fishing, camping, weddings, restaurants.

We don’t promise that the candle will keep the whole neighbourhood free of mosquitos, but if you have the candle burning around the table, you will notice a big difference.

Please, only use outdoor and keep it on the heat resistant surface.

WEIGHT: 0.6 lbs each
DIMENSIONS: 4 x 4 x 2 in
SCENT: Citronella Bug Repellent
BURN TIME: 8-12 hours

With every candle purchased, you support orphans and foster families in Easter Europe. Top Kids is the charity we support.
UNIQUE DESIGN: We Hand Pour Every Candle. Clean Burning Wax. Lead-free Chunky Wicks. Natural Citronella Oil Scent.
OUTDOOR CANDLES: Great for outdoor events like barbecue, patio dinner, camping, wedding, garden parties, fishing. Thick wick gives a big flame that can burn with wind and rain. Burning with the lid prevents it from spilling.
REPELLENT CANDLES: Natural Citronella Oil repels mosquitos and other bugs. Each candle burns for 8-12 hours.
EVERYDAY USE: These burners are commonly used as: party favors, emergency light for power outages, outdoor patio ambience, restaurant tables, wedding celebration. Because of its extended burn-time, our candles can be re-used numerous times.
YOU BUY. WE HELP. With every candle purchased you support foster families and orphans in Eastern Europe.