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Unique, exotic and tropical decor tabletop and outdoor Tiki torches to light up your house the Tiki style.


Speaking about tiki torches , how can you use our exotic and cheap tiki torches in your next Tiki party or your next summer barbecue party ? As a matter of fact , anyone can just fire up a grill and slap some burgers down on it, in fact,  if you want to do something special that will really stand out in everyone’s memories, therefore, there’s no harm in a little island style decorating. Eventually how far you go with this is up to you, of course and It all depends on how much trouble you want to go through for the event. By the way you could put some tiki statues up too.

In addition, this doesn’t just apply to barbecues either. Equally it can work for any party you are hosting outside. After all that’s the beauty of our tiki torches. Besides, they are versatile enough to be a great decorative touch to any design that you can come up with. Also, if your event happens to be planned for the evening hours, they can also be great for adding warmth to the occasion – literally.


There are also solar powered cheap tiki torches available nowadays. Technology has just pushed everything ahead in leaps and bounds. Some of these actually collect solar energy during the day and then automatically turn themselves on when the light gets low enough outside. You won’t even have to think about them! Just enjoy the soft glow switch on in the evening hours. How great is that!

As a matter of fact, if you are more concerned with decorating the inside of your home than the outside, then you’ll love table top cheap tiki torches. They are a great way to add to the ambiance of any room. Maybe as a centerpiece for your dining room table, or as a bedside lamp. Putting them anywhere at all is sure to attract attention.

Above all whatever the desired effect is, it can be achieved. Then again, there’s the sleek, streamlined look with a more modern-day model that is perfect for sophisticated get-togethers. Besides, these are the tall, metal lamps that you sometimes see around outdoor seating in upper scale restaurants. Also there’s the more traditional bamboo variety that adds its own island flare to wherever they’re set up. And there’s, of course the smaller, indoor versions that can be put on any table. There are great choices in the way of cheap tiki torches no matter what your pleasure is these days.