What is Tiki ?


Some people who have heard a little bit about Tiki pop culture, but never experienced it, may not really understand the full impact this popular party theme has had on recent American Pop Culture. They may not know that Tiki statues carry great deep religious significance. They might not be aware that while one Tiki totem wears an expression of spiritual peace, or great happiness, other may appear more troubled,sad or angry.


220px-tiki1905The history of Tiki culture dates back to early Polynesia, where ten-foot tall Tiki woodcarvings were found throughout the South Pacific and the Hawaiian islands. All of these Tiki totems were hand carved and each are said to symbolize a Polynesian God or deity. Westerners were introduced to this way of life in the 1030’s and immediately embraced the rich history of the Polynesian people and their beliefs. Tiki became permanently associated with the culture, mythology and history of the South Pacific indigenous people.

Maori mythology from New Zealand identifies Tiki as being the very first human; just like in the manner the Christian religion sees Adam as the first man. Certainly one of the most widespread legends says that Tane created the first man and named him ” Tiki ” , afterwards made him a Tiki wife. Other stories differ, saying that Tiki blended his own blood with clay to produce the first islander; in this popular version of the myth Tiki lived a lonely life and craved companionship. In his agony, he covered a pool of water in with dirt after he had mistaken his own reflection for another person. ┬áThe dirt mixed with the water and from it sprung forth the first woman.


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