What You Should Know Before Choosing a Tiki Mask


When faced with the decision of how to decorate your living spaces, you might want to consider adding a touch of Polynesian culture to your home or office. With a long,rich and fascinating history, Tiki Masks are a creative way to bring a sense of tropical beauty to your home or office.


For centuries Tiki masks have been the most recognizable symbol of Polynesian island culture. Often used to pay homage to ancestors or as a fierce protection for both home and land. Some, but not all of these elaborately hand carved ornaments were designed to represent respected deities believed to always be watching over and guarding those who recognized their power.

Tiki masks can also be symbols of good fortune and fertility. These intricately crafted wooden masks were hung in just about every corner of each island community. Eventually Tiki culture was introduced to the Western world and was immediately embraced, and accepted as a unique, and fascinating interior design choice.

Still highly coveted for it’s cultural significance and often considered quite valuable, it is unlikely that too many Europeans could be found making burnt offerings to Kaupe, The Cannibal Dog Man. They just loved the way they looked!





The versatile Tiki Masks can be mixed into other design ideas as well, to create one of kind themes. Each mask carries its own significance, so, with such a wide representation of meaning,deities and occasions, you are sure to find the one pice that fits perfectly into your dream theme!

Though traditional masks were carved from wood, today’s modern masks can be created from a variety of materials. But whatever they are made of, these ornate wall coverings add a mysterious element to any room, and make eye-catching conversation pieces!




Another benefit of choosing these ornate pieces of art is that you can spend as much or as little as you desire to create your tropical dream theme. From expensive antiques at the top of the price range to less costly, purely decorative pieces, you do not have to spend a fortune to create an authentic Polynesian atmosphere.

Whatever your design vision calls for, picking the right Tiki Mask is a fantastic way to raise the bar when it comes to designing your own private Polynesian paradise!

Just imagine the look on the faces of friends and loved ones once they step into your own little island paradise. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood! No matter what your design needs may be ” Tiki.Online ” offers a wide selection of decorative Tiki Masks that are guaranteed to increase the beauty of your home or office !

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