Why You Need a Tiki Bar for Your Next Party !

Raising the bar at your next Tiki party can be as easy as including an authentic Tiki Bar set! No one can look at a Tiki Bar and not immediately think of tropical fun in the sun, warm beaches and cool island breezes. The addition of these little libation dispensing grass huts to your next Tiki themed soiree is bound to excite your guests and push the festivities right over the top!

When purchasing your Tiki Bar be sure you don’t forget to pick up some prime Tiki Bar accessories to further enhance your island experience. For instance, a nice, well-lit Tiki Bar sign serves as a beacon that will lead your guest straight to the bar! The whole idea of the iconic Tiki Bar was to have a structure that looked as if it were plucked straight off the beach of a Polynesian island!

tiki bar

Tiki Bars began popping up around the 1930’s. After Westerners began exploring the South Pacific Islands and returning with fantastic stories of Polynesian culture. Soon after, a ”beach comber” mentality developed, as Tiki themed parties became part of popular culture everywhere. The race to see who could create the most authentic Tiki Luau was on!

When it comes to Tiki Accessories the rule is – More is more! Whether you buy your Tiki upgrades separately, or as a kit you’ll probably want to include some lights, Tiki Mugs, Tiki Masks, Tiki Torches and maybe even some other styles of artwork created with the Polynesian flair. The sky’s the limit on what you can add to any Tiki Bar Set in order to create the most authentic, off the wall, Tiki celebration ever!

Remember that not all Tiki bar accessories are designed for wild, out of control parties. For a more refined look and feel for your get-together there are more understated products. One option is to choose richly colored bamboo sconces for lighting or buying original hand-carved Tiki Mugs for the bar. Shop around and check out all of the Tiki textiles, Tiki Statues and even Tiki inspired curtains to add a sense of refinement and elegance.

The iconic Polynesian Tiki style has not only stood the test of time, but has evolved into a style that anyone can easily duplicate, and make all their own. Tiki is wonderful because there is no real right or wrong way to throw a Tiki bash. When it comes to this laid-back style you’re allowed to use only the parts you love and discard the rest. As long as it looks like you just washed up on the shore of some beautiful island Shangri-La you’re all set.

It is plain to see that Tiki is just plain fun! Throw in a genuine Tiki Bar and things only get better! So, find just the right Tiki Bar for your next party here on Tiki.Online . Set a new standard for awesomeness when it comes to throwing your very own Tiki celebration!

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